Reader call-out: What is the state of unions today?


It’s been a high-profile year so far for unions here. First was the SEIU’s struggle with Kitsap Mental Health Services. Continuing now is UFCW Local 21’s bitter struggle with grocery stores. And today, Coca-Cola workers returned to their Bremerton distribution center after being told they’d lose their jobs if the strike continued.

I’m working on a story about the State of Unions Today … and Tomorrow.

How do you think unions are faring today? Are they needed much more now where rising health costs, layoffs and outsourcing are commonplace?

Or are they throwbacks to another era and unrealistic in today’s economy?

Blog here, or contact me. These are all for attribution in my coming story.

Thank you.

Rachel Pritchett, reporter
(360) 475-3783

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