3 thoughts on “Cary Bozeman comments in Times

  1. This is a thoughtful and visionary analysis. Nice job, Cary.

    Which ever side of the aisle one resides, these are the types of thoughtful and visionary discussions we need to be having — together.

    Greg Meakin

  2. Maybe Cary could do us all a favor by helping us understand what the Port of Bremerton has achieved in the economic development arena. They run an airport, two marinas and a couple of office parks.

    What have they done that couldn’t be done better by a private company? What do they do that pays its own way? Have they taken a leadership role in reinventing economic development in the public sector, or are they part of the problem Cary describes?

    I hope there are positive answers to these questions. I don’t ask them to be hostile, but because I don’t know the answers.


  3. “That’s all gone, and in many ways this is a good thing. People must now learn to live within their means and create savings rather than debt, as well as live in homes they can afford”

    omg! This from the guy that left Bremerton saddled with debt!

    It’s like Cary has forgotten completely the taxes, the parks, the condos, the tunnel and the chasing business out of Bremerton he’s done for 7 years as Mayor and now accusing everyone else of what he did.

    You have to give Cary one thing though, he has moxie to say this with a straight face.

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