2 thoughts on “How many employees does Harrison Medical Center have?

  1. I am curious. How many people did Harrison Medical Center lay off in 2009? How many HMC lay offs were done in 2010 so far? How many has HMC hired in 2010? Just curious to see where HMC is going in its service to the community. What is the HMC’s plan as to what services it will support our community with and what services it plans on relying on others to support and supply.

    Then follow that up with the same information on the St Anthony’s hospital in Gig Harbor.

    This would give those of us in South Kitsap and Mason County a very good idea on what services are available on either side of beautiful downtown Gorst.

    Roger Gay
    South Kitsap

  2. Roger…I can tell you that Harrison Port Orchard, Urgent Care did what no other has done -UWMC exception- take a CULTURE of a green slimy oozing raging infection on my right leg. I need to spend less time here and finish the blog post I’m writing about the episode using pictures. The south end Harrison has brilliance in the nurse practitioner and staff working there.
    Sharon O’Hara

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