Just Got a Call From the NY Times

No, it wasn’t a job offer. They were interested in confirming information about Dorothy Provine’s death for their own story. The famed actress died Sunday morning at Belmont Terrace Health and Rehabilitation Center of lung disease.

She’d lived a quiet life completely out of the public eye on Bainbridge Island for 20 years. During that time, myself and others here at the Sun, namely former features editor JoAnne Marez, occasionally tried to do an interview with her.

The answer always was a respectful no. But I have to say, the disappointment for me is not the death of a famous actress, but that I nor anyone here never got the opportunity to tell the story of the second half of her life.

Now it’s too late. Perhaps I should have pushed a little harder.

Rachel Pritchett

4 thoughts on “Just Got a Call From the NY Times

  1. No, you shouldn’t have “pushed a little harder.” That she had to tell you “No” more than once shows you pushed too much as it is. People have a right to their privacy, but reporters such as yourself seem to feel a good news story is more important. Your paparazzi approach to making money off of people is just one reason the public’s perception of journalists is at an all-time low. (See any poll you want to.) We all realize journalists think very highly of themselves; it’s just that journalists are the only ones who do.

  2. Its never too late, Rachel.

    Maybe now her husband will allow the telling of the emphysema – COPD story and help save countless others from what his wife lived with – a long, slow smothering death.

    Worse, other medical conditions seem drawn to many COPDers.

    The real story of the emphysema stigma -they smoked and deserved what they get – and the medical and the public ignorance and lack of education should be addressed and the medical injustice rectified by offering early detection spirometry testing.

    Its interesting to note that our own KC Health Department refuses to conduct even occasional early detection testing using the simple spirometry test for the folks in Kitsap County. They’ve spent public money on specific ethnic groups but refuse to give early detection spirometry to a disease that affects ALL ETHNIC GROUPS everywhere.

    COPD/emphysema doesn’t recognize borders.

    Maybe he won’t tell her (their) story…maybe he can’t.
    And that is okay too.
    I’m sorry for his loss.

    Sharon O’Hara
    Emphysema (COPD)
    Sleep Apnea
    CHF (RHF)
    Venous Stasis Dermatitis

  3. “No, you shouldn’t have “pushed a little harder….”

    And she wouldn’t have, michael or it would have been done. Have no doubt they RESPECTFULLY asked.
    The idea that they wanted the ‘story’ for exploitive reasons is horsepucky.

    The fact is this particular story might well have an incredible beneficial result if only one person gets or one doctor decides to offer spirometry to some of their patients. COPD is the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S.and 5th leading cause of death in the world. Worse, COPD death numbers are rapidly climbing to the 3rd place position here and 4th in the world.

    You may ask why. The answer is simple – IGNORANCE and lack of education of the physician and patient.

    The fact is… early detection of the slow developing emphysema (COPD) can stop it in its tracks! IF doctors will give it…but they don’t.

    Nor will the public tax funded KITSAP COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT offer it.
    Ask the professionals why when early detection can save lives and future health costs – and THEY KNOW IT!

    i AM A PATIENT. I have no ax to grind, nor a paycheck to gather…but I do not want others to be where I am when it could be avoided with early detection spiromentry.

    Rachael and other good reporters can and do save lives with their real life stories…but none here will disrespect that poor man’s right to grieve in private.

    Disrespecting the individual right to privacy makes not only a poor reporter but a miserable human being …in my opinion.

    Sharon O’Hara

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