Gov. Gregoire’s Statement on the 787 Line Decision

This issued from her office:

OLYMPIA – Gov. Chris Gregoire today issued the following statement on Boeing’s 787 second production line:

“My philosophy is ‘it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.’ I am continuing to work with both sides to urge them to keep talking and reach an agreement that would result in the second line being located in Washington. Senator Murray, Representative Dicks and Representative Larsen are also working hard on this and I appreciate their tireless efforts. If there is a deal to be struck, we will leave no stone unturned in trying to strike it.

“I absolutely believe Washington is the best place for Boeing to locate its second line. We have more than $3 billion on the table in incentives, the best workforce in the world, and the lowest production risk for the company. I have not given up hope that the labor/management issues that are central to Boeing’s decision can be resolved.”

3 thoughts on “Gov. Gregoire’s Statement on the 787 Line Decision

  1. Smell the roses Governor — the Machinists Union has exploited their position with the Boeing Company one too many times. They are about to learn a painful lesson about greed, exploiting a position and not being team players. Boeing has had enough and you are about to discover that no one is irrepalceable.

    South Carolina workers were so excited about the Boeing Company they decertified. Seattle workers couldn’t even agree not to strike, let alone decertify.

    The State better be careful. Boeing has made it all too clear that they are not happy with the busniess climate in Washington. First we loose the Headquarters, now an assembly line. Better wake up before you find no Boeing here. Who you going to tax then??

    None of this should ever have happened. Shame on our Stater government, shame on the Union officials and their workers. It is a black day for Washington.

  2. “My philosophy is ‘it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.’

    I guess that’s why she denied there was a state budget deficit until it was “over”. The election, I mean.

    Unfortunately for Christine, a large portion of this belongs at her door. She has ceded State governance to environmental extremists and “sovereign” nations that are hostile to businesses (other than theirs!). Boeing is captive to a poster-child of environmental activism/process on the Duwamish River. A group of “stakeholders” (do they have “stakeholders” in South Carolina?) wants cleanup of that INDUSTRIAL waterway to be something more than Clean Water Act standards. No, those aren’t good enough for us in the Evergreen State! No, we want Boeing to be on the hook to restore the INDUSTRIAL Duwamish river to the point that it provides subsistence fisheries to two indian tribes (whatever “subsistence” fishery means… like a lot of indian claims they are not quantified). I hope when our “environmentalist” neighbors run all business out of state, their allies the tribes, will gladly share some of their fish for us to eat. I’m sure they will – at least – take care of Christine. Just as she has taken care of them.

  3. Why would Boeing want to stay in an area where the workforce they depend on strikes? The union refused to consider reasonable offers from Boeing causing them to fall almost two months behind.

    I watched and listened to the Machinist Union members interviewed during the strike – some insisting they would strike as long as it took to get what they wanted. Well, okay…are they happy now?

    “we want Boeing to be on the hook to restore the INDUSTRIAL Duwamish river to the point that it provides subsistence fisheries to two indian tribes (whatever “subsistence” fishery means…”

    I’d say Boeing made a smart business decision … they’ve certainly picked a place happy to have their business. We seemed to dare them and damn them at the same time.
    Sharon O’Hara

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