Electric Boat Moving to Port Campus

Bloggers, I’ll have more today, if I can get someone from Electric Boat to connect with me at (360) 475-3783. Rachel Pritchett

By Rachel Pritchett
General Dynamics Electric Boat is the newest tenant in the Port of Bremerton’s industrial park.
Port commissioners signed the lease Tuesday evening.
The debut of a major Navy contractor at the port prompted commissioners, who once talked about diversifying Kitsap’s employment base away from the military, to begin talking about creating a defense campus at the port’s Olympic View Industrial Park.
“I just think it’s a great opportunity for us to look forward to more business with military contractors at our airport,” Commissioner Bill Mahan said. The industrial park is directly across Highway 3 from the port’s Bremerton National Airport.
Said Commissioner Cheryl Kincer, “I’ve been promoting a defense campus out at our port for quite some time.”
The company will occupy roughly 9,000 square feet of space in a building constructed by the port with no committed lease agreement, and which stood empty for a year and a half in the recession. That’s about a third of the available space in the building.
The port was under tremendous public pressure to get a tenant for the building, and the relief was evident Tuesday.
“We are so pleased to have a firm of this stature join us at the Port of Bremerton,” port Chief Executive Officer Cary Bozeman said.
The Groton, Conn.-based company could be in its new digs by New Year’s.
It will pay $7,648 in monthly rent to the port. Safe Boats International remains the industrial park’s biggest tenant.
The lease could be as long as for eight years, if all the options are taken.
The port paid a 4 percent commission to a Boston commercial real estate company to arrange the deal, which was still being worked on just a few hours before Tuesday evening’s meeting.
Bids were hurriedly received by the port to make the new quarters ready for Electric Boat. Drury Construction of Poulsbo was the low bidder, saying it could do the work for about $93,000.
Uses will include office functions, warehouse storage, research and development, assembly, welding, painting and materials fabrication, according to port documents.
Bozeman seemed confident that the arrival of Electric Boat at the port would create more jobs. “It’ll definitely bring new, good-paying jobs.”
But the two high-ranking Electric Boat managers at Tuesday’s port meeting refused comment when asked if the move to the port comes at the expense of the company’s operations within Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, is an addition to its present local operations, or is a consolidation of other Electric Boat operations in Puget Sound.
A company spokesman in Groton is expected to give more details today.
Electric Boat has had a presence in Kitsap County dating back to the 1980s, when its teams at the Bangor submarine base worked on the Ohio-class subs.
Since 2003, Electric Boat has had a permanent presence at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, where its employees work on conversions of the Trident subs.
Almost all of the work done by the company involves submarines. Its primary operations are the shipyard in Groton and a submarine hull fabrication and outfitting facility in Quonset Point, R.I.
It employs about 10,700 people. The vast majority of Electric Boat’s work is in the United States, but it has done some work in the United Kingdom and in Australia, according to a spokesman.
The company was founded in 1899 to do work on an experimental sub.

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