3 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling About Spending for Back to School?

  1. The list of needed school supplies seems to grow every year! This year I was asked to buy 7 dozen pencils for my middle school child to share with his class, while my 2nd grader was asked to bring 3 dozen to share. My boys will never use this number of pencils!

    The list was so extensive this year that I choose to pull all our crayons, markers, and other previously used school supplies together. I was able to save more than $25 that I would have otherwise spent.

    I hate to plug stores, but Walmart does a great job of having inexpensive school supplies. 24 Crayola Crayons for .25, spiral notebooks .15, folders .15, 12 colored pencils .72, and more.

  2. Because of the “before Labor Day” start for Bremerton this year, I am not close to done yet. Nick and I are headed down to the Outlet Malls in Chahalis this weekend. I even booked us a room at a cool place down there so it is just a Mom and Kid weekend getaway.

    It’s looking like I will spend a little more overall than last year. Nick has grown out of absolutely everything this past month and nothing can be carried over from late spring early summer. No waste though. I pass them on to a little boy I know whose family needs a little help keeping expenses down right now.

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