Time To Write About Fireworks Sales


I’ve been out all morning interview people at fireworks stands. Yes, the recession’s hurting some, but people still need to celebrate. Contact me and tell me where you shop and why, and how much you’re going to spend this year.

Rachel Pritchett, 475-3783, rpritchett@kitsapsun.com

2 thoughts on “Time To Write About Fireworks Sales

  1. Nada. I hate (word used advisedly) the whole thing.

    Somehow it is magically OK to give kids explosives in the two weeks surrounding this celebration of “independance”.

    Somehow it is OK to throw flaming paper and plastic on your neighbors roof.

    Somehow it is OK to disturb the peace with malice.

    Somehow it is OK to make a huge mess for other people to live with and clean up.

    Of course, like Xmas, the meaning of the season is irretrievably lost to history, displaced by commercial hucksterism.

    The debris, noise, bad behavior, and the inevitable (redundant) excuse to drink to excess, all add up to a very bad time unless you are one of those who capitalizes on the whole fiasco.

    Yeah yeah, call me names, but at the same time address the realities of the situation.

    And no one who writes or reads here will be among those who create the problems associated with this “holiday”. Everyone here is immaculate in soul and conduct on all issues of contention. Of course.

    You can take this particular holiday and file it away with the other vestigial remnants of things past that have had their meanings usurped by those parts of Western Culture complained most of (rightly) by everyone outside Camp Bubba.

  2. Nothing. Celebrating ‘independence’ by detonating explosives and terrorizing your neighbors is not patriotism.

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