How’s Everyone Feeling About Michael Jackson?

Post your thoughts below. I had time this weekend to reflect on his music, and the huge impact it had on all of us. I always wondered, however, why Jackson didn’t move on musically. He seemed frozen in the disco beat for decades after it died. 

Rachel Pritchett

9 thoughts on “How’s Everyone Feeling About Michael Jackson?

  1. I’m neither an ardent listener of Jackson’s music nor a Wikipedia advocate, but nonetheless found this description of his themes, genre, and vocal style helpful.

    And while I find the circumstances of his death tragic, it was inevitable. At the very least, one hopes he is now at peace and free of pain, and that his children will be properly cared for. Other than that, I’ve not been following the news on this matter.

  2. I will admit that his music does make me smile. It makes me smile because, as one gentleman put it, it was the soundtrack to a wonderful part of my life growing up. It reminds me of a time when things were much simpler and life was pretty easy even if I did not fully appreciate it.

    It is nice to be momentarily reminded of that time and place, by hearing the music again, and to spend a few minutes reflecting upon it. But you can’t go back and heck I wouldn’t want to even if I could. The endless days of coverage and constant reminders and endless speculation really are too much.

  3. He was so very tallented. He was such a beautiful and amazing little boy (singing on TV). He seemed innocent and fragile as a young man (opposite Diana Ross in “The Wiz”). He seemed on top of the world as he topped the charts (“Thriller”). He had the best of intentions and a heart of gold as he rallied the music industry to help the poorest of the poor with his “USA for Africa” (“We Are the World”). I think I will try to keep remembering him at that point — when he was reaching his dreams and trying to make a difference for good in the world.

  4. I used to take several of my grandchildren to the roller rink in PT to skate… a fun time…. a startling time once when I watched one of my grandchildren, about five and shakily skating to the music suddenly grab her crotch. She kept grabbing her crotch until the music stopped.

    Later I learned her mom was a great Michael Jackson fan and thought her daughter did a good job imitating his moves.
    Sharon O’Hara

  5. I think it’s sad that Michael Jackson died so young. When he was a member of the Jackson 5 he was a much better singer. I liked some of his other music but liked his later dancing (moonwalk) better than his singing. I hated the crotch grabbing because it has NO place in “music”.

    I hope someone other than his parents will be raising those children though. They didn’t do such a hot job with Michael and his siblings and shouldn’t be allowed to ruin 3 more young people.

    NOW, if you want to know how I feel about Farrah Fawcett dying – she was a wonderful person. I think it’s horrible they didn’t allow her son to be at her bedside while she died. They could have given them that time together. Now, when it’s too late, they’re allowing him to go to the funeral.

  6. Remarkable artist from a family of remarkable artists. Innovator of music and iconic figure. There is much to enjoy about the musical history of Michael Jackson.

    Horrible individual that preyed upon the impressionable youth. Dispicable acts against children can’t be overlooked.

    Remarkably talented terrible human being.

  7. OK, yes, Michael Jackson is talented. Yes, he died at a young age.

    People, accept the fact the MJ is dead, gone forever. Accept the fact that he is still a creeper that slept and spent way too much time with young little boys.

    All this news about an accused pedophile is old.

  8. Honestly,
    He was a troubled soul. Period. His music was his only refuge…now his death is.

    I prefer to think of the younger Michael…right before he started changing his appearance. That’s how I will try to remember him.

  9. Sharon, Farrah Fawcetts son Redmond and his own selfish personal actions caused him not to be with his Mom at the end. He could have chosen to act differently. Corrections personel, doing their jobs are not the monsters here. This is very sad and he will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

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