Attention St. Anthony Hospital Users

I am preparing a story about Franciscan Health System’s inroads into South Kitsap today. With its opening three months ago, South Kitsap residents, for the first time, have a hospital close by. If you’ve had occasion to use St. Anthony’s services, please give me a call today. I’d like to interview you about the new option available.

Rachel Pritchett, reporter, (360) 475-3783

One thought on “Attention St. Anthony Hospital Users

  1. All I know is BE CAREFUL when dealing with Franciscan Health in regards to seeing a doctor located on hospital premises. I am in an ongoing investigation with Blue Cross due to being double-charged insurance co-pays: one to the doctor and one to the hospital for the use of their facilities where the doctor has his/her office. Franciscan considers it an outpatient use and charges your insurance that way. So I paid a $25 co-pay to my doctor and $50 co-pay to the hospital for basically rent of the location to the doctor.

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