$300-A-Month Car Allowance for Bozeman


The contract between Cary Bozeman and the Port of Bremerton has been signed as he moves closer to taking on the role of port chief executive officer.

It’s a two-year pact, and contains a $300-a-month car allowance, which comes to $3,600 per year or $7,200 for the life of the contract.

The pay rate is $120,000 a year, a $3,000 improvement over his current salary as Bremerton mayor.

And, he gets four weeks paid vacation.

Not bad. He assumes his new responsibilities June 8.

Rachel Pritchett

3 thoughts on “$300-A-Month Car Allowance for Bozeman

  1. At $120,000.00 per year salary there is no way he should be getting a $300.00 per month car allowance. What a crock.

  2. The $300.00 a month car/transportation payment seems reasonable for a position of this level. I have friends who get similar perks and this number is about equal. A job of this nature will require frequent travel and this cost is to help offset the burden. Another option would be to supply the employee with a “company” vehicle but that would cost much more than the $300.00 a month payment.

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