Port Close On Deal To Move SEED Forward


The Port of Bremerton is in the end-stages of negotiations with a group to provide a myriad of services for clean-tech businesses that would fall under the SEED umbrella. The group is called SIRTI, formerly the Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute. SIRTI could be up and going here by summer. Look for my story here.

Rachel Pritchett

3 thoughts on “Port Close On Deal To Move SEED Forward

  1. From their website:

    About SIRTI: Sirti is a Washington State economic development agency…

    I don’t call the inclusion of another GOVERNMENT agency, “moving forward”.

    And, by the way, how many “economic development agencies” does this give us now?

  2. And from SIRTI’s establishing RCW:

    “(3) The institute shall house education and research programs specifically designed to meet the needs of eastern Washington.”

    and this is the legislative intent of the agency: “…the legislature finds that the Spokane intercollegiate research and technology institute is a vital and necessary element in the academic and economic future of eastern Washington. The legislature also finds that it is in the interest of the state of Washington to support and promote applied research and technology in areas of the state that, because of geographic or historic circumstances, have not developed fully balanced economies. It is the intent of the legislature that institutions of higher education and the department of community, trade, and economic development work cooperatively with the private sector in the development and implementation of a technology transfer and integration program to promote the economic development and enhance the quality of life in eastern Washington.”

    One could argue that SIRTI isn’t even authorized to ink a deal with the Port of Bremerton.

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