Who We Are In Kitsap ….


The following is from Kitsap County Health District report of public-helth indicators, released mid-2008. Use these to wow your friends. Rachel



69 percent of us live in unincorporated areas of the county.



82 percent of us are white

5 percent Asian

5 percent Hispanic or Latino

4 percent mixed

3 percent black

1 percent Native American



In 2006, 65 percent of Kitsap residents aged 18 to 64 had more that a high-school education

81 percent of residents were graduated from high school



9 percent of residents live in poverty

28 percent of grade-school students in free ore reduced lunch program



85 percent adults had health insurance in 2006

89 percent of kindergarten children had complete immunizations

39 percent of adults at a healthy weight 

77 percent of youth (10th grade) at a healthy weight

57 percent of adults engaging in recommended levels of exercise

38 percent of youth engaging in recommended levels of exercise

16 percent of adults report binge drinking (5 or more at a time) in past 30 days

30 percent of youth (grade 10) reporting using alcohol in past 30 days

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