Bainbridge Island Featured in New York Times



Bainbridge Island was featured Friday in the N.Y. Times. You can read it at:


or just go to and search for Bainbridge Island.


Thanks, Maureen Buckley of Buckley and Buckley Real Estate of Bainbridge Island for the tip. I’ve been lucky enough to live on Bainbridge for a number of years. Our three daughters went through the wonderful school system there, and we really enjoyed all the outdoor opportunities we’ve enjoyed there, whether it’s been hiking through the many open spaces, drifting on an air mattress off Manzanita Bay, or swinging on the old rope swing at Fort Ward, where the kids also liked to climb around the old military buildings. Of course, we’ve enjoyed Bloedel Reserve and the concerts and Island Music Guild for years. That said, it’s expensive and inconvenient, for certain. Just one of those choices you make. 



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