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This is Rachel, business and social-services reporter for the Kitsap Sun. This is a brand-new blog, and you and I can make anything we want of it. I’ve started running wire stories, updated three times a day, along with local news. But there’s much more we could do. I could put out a call to businesses and employers to post their latest news here. Another idea is starting a layoff ledger that lists local companies that have laid off people recently. The Seattle Times and other newspapers, usually a little larger, do this. Or, you could post your stories about special employees and efforts in your businesses that are helping you through these tough times. I could invited opinion pieces from you on the economy and local issues. Post here, e-mail or call me and tell me your thoughts on the direction you’d like to see us go.




One thought on “Let me know

  1. Rachael… Under these economic times, I’d like to see how the ordinary person, maybe a single mom makes the lemonade out of a temporary lemony time.

    For example, Iknow a person who = among other talents and attributes = makes the very best lemon pie in the world.

    She recently lost her position, has a mortgage, other usual expenses and has only a couple months liquidity to come up with a solution.

    I think she should market her lemon pies. How would she go about it?

    What is Eugineis (sp) story? She clearly has a great business, writes beneficial columns…how did she get started in the fitness business?

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