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Oklahoma football semifinals put on hold

An interesting story out of Oklahoma where the state football semifinals were put on hold so a judge can decide who will play in them.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Oklahoma judge says a high school football semifinal will not be played Friday so he can consider whether a team that lost in the quarterfinals is entitled to a replay.
Locust Grove’s Class 3A semifinal against Heritage Hall was postponed until next week at the earliest.
The little school from northeastern Oklahoma beat Oklahoma City’s Douglass High last week after game officials misapplied a penalty with about a minute to go. The crew mistakenly erased a touchdown that had given Douglass a 25-20 lead.
The state board that oversees high school athletics rejected a Douglass protest Wednesday, so the school went to court Thursday.
Douglass wants to replay the entire game or the final minute. The judge said he wouldn’t rule on Douglass’ complaint until next week.

Bainbridge’s Dieterich named to Metro second team

Bainbridge tight end Oskar Dieterich was a second-team All-Narrows League Mountain Division pick. He was the only Spartan named to the first or second team.

All-Metro League
Mountain Division
Offensive MVP—Myles Gaskin, sr., O’Dea
Defensive MVP—Jack Sendelbach, sr., Bishop Blanchet; Brandon Wellington, jr., Eastside Catholic
Lineman of the Year—Dylan Ledbetter, sr., O’Dea; Cody Baker, sr., Eastside Catholic
Kickoff Returner of the Year—Myles Gaskin, sr., O’Dea; Brandon Wellington, jr., Eastside Catholic
Punt Returner of the Year—Elijah Davis, jr., Bishop Blanchet; Matt Kvech, sr., Eastside Catholic
Coach of the Year—Jeremy Thielbahr, Eastside Catholic
First-team offense
QB—Harley Kirsch, jr., Eastside Catholic. RB—Myles Gaskin, sr., O,Dea. Addison Hull, sr., Eastside Catholic. Sam Kopf, sr., Seattle Prep. FB—Dominique Crisotomo-Fetui, sr., Eastside Catholic. Zach Oster, jr., O’Dea. WR—Mayan Chavez, jr., Lakeside. Mikel Owes, sr., O’Dea. Devon Arbis-Jackson, jr., Eastside Catholic. Matt Laris, jr., Eastside Catholic. TE—Jack Sendelbach, sr., Bishop Blanchet. Center—Dylan Ledbetter, sr., O’Dea. Guard—Raemo Trevino, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Majid Firoozi, sr., O’Dea. Alex Neale, sr., Eastside Catholic. Tackle—Sheamus Courtney, sr., O’Dea. Erik Fulleton, sr., O’Dea. Colin Stoutt, jr., Eastside Catholic. Punter—Clinton Allen jr.,, jr., Bishop Blanchet
Second-team offense
QB—Nathan West, jr., O’Dea. RB—Oshea Trujillo, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Elijah Davis, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Cole Stephens, sr., Lakeside. FB—Jon Flanagan, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Joe Dugoni, sr., Seattle Prep. WR—Clinton Allen jr.,, jr., Bishop Blanchet. David Gats, sr., Bishop Blanchet. Quinton Lewis, so., O’Dea. TE—Oskar Dieterich, sr., Bainbridge. Josh Bradley, sr., O’Dea. Center—Connor Heger, sr., Eastside Catholic. Guard—Raymond Schalk, so., Seattle Prep. Brody McKnight, so., Eastside Catholic. Montique Edwards, jr., O’Dea. Tackles—Hunter Steele, sr., Bishop Blanchet. Robbie Carter, jr., Eastside Catholic. Peter Gievett, sr., Eastside Catholic Punter—Matt Kvech, sr., Eastside Catholic
First-team defense
DE—Cody Baker, sr., Eastside Catholic. Dylan Ledbetter, sr., O’Dea. Curtis Delgardo, sr., O’Dea. DT—Raemo Trevino, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Deion Fetue, sr., Eastside Catholic. Che’lon McLennan, sr., ILB—Jack Sendelbach, sr., Bishop Blanchet. Anthony Masaniai, sr., Eastside Catholic. Julius McDade, jr., O’Dea. OLB—Arend Broekmate, sr., Eastside Catholic. Will Stowers, sr., O’Dea. CB—Clinton Allen jr.,, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Mikel Owes, sr., O’Dea. Jake Jackson, jr., Eastside Catholic. Daniel Carlton, sr., Eastside Catholic. S—Brandon Wellington, jr., Eastside Catholic. Matt Kvech, sr., Eastside Catholic Myles Gaskin, sr., O’Dea. Oshea Trujillo, jr., Bishop Blanchet K—Wyatt Paul, sr., Lakeside. Robbie Joe Gerarden, sr., O’Dea
Second-team defense
DE—Hunter Gossman, so., Lakeside. Jalani Johnson, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Nolan Stout, sr., Seattle Prep. DT—John Kellum, sr., Eastside Catholic. Caleb Yarbrough, sr., O’Dea ILB—Joey Warfield, sr., Eastside Catholic. Jake Oliver, sr., O’Dea. Joe Dugoni, sr., Seattle Prep. OLB—Adam Gryniewicz, jr., Bishop Blanchet. Devarea Proctor, sr., O’Dea CB—Garrett Granlund, sr., O’Dea. Bennett Dondoyano, so., Lakeside. Elijah Davis, jr., Bishop Blanchet. S—Jonathon Webster, jr., Eastside Catholic. Cole Stephens, sr., Lakeside. Sam Schrader, sr., Lakeside. David Gats, sr., Bishop Blanchet K—Jake Stewart-Steele, sr., Eastside Catholic
Honorable mention
Bainbridge—QB Kyle Jackson, sr.,. RB Ben Fisher, sr.,. RB Sam Wysong, jr.,. WR Max Wickline, sr.,. P Kyle Jackson, sr.,. DE Oskar Dietrich, sr.,. DE Glodi Kingombe, sr.,. DT Alex Pickett, so.,. OLB Gareth Grindeland, sr.,. OLB Sam Wysong, jr.,. CB Casey Brink, sr.,. CB Max Wickline, SR.. S Kyle Jackson, sr.,. S Peter Lindsey, sr.,. K Cal Barash-David, sr., C Alex Pickett So.T Max Thomas Sr., ILB Sam Roth So. ILB Max Thomas sr.,

CK’s Anduze named Narrows 3A defensive MVP

Central Kitsap’s Brion Anduze was named the Narrows League 3A MVP.
Anduze, an Arizona commit, had 48 tackles, 12.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

All-Narrows League
Class 4A
MVP—Davis Alexander, jr., Gig Harbor
Offensive MVP—Noah Samsen, jr., Gig Harbor
Defensive MVP—Matt Anthony, sr., Olympia
Co-lineman MVP—Kollin Crown, sr., Yelm; Brandon Schmunk, sr., Gig Harbor.
Coaching staff of year—Gig Harbor.
First-team offense
Quarterback—Gabe Gutierrez, Timberline. Running backs—Marshaud DeWalt, South Kitsap; Adrian Valona, Gig Harbor. Wide receivers—Santana Johnson, Gig Harbor; Chris Barnes, Timberline. Tight end—Ben Bishop, Olympia. Offensive line—Paul Gicewicz, Bellarmine; Truxton Langvad, Bellarmine; Sam Campidilli, Gig Harbor; Brett Thompson, Olympia; Kyle Hawkins, Timberline.
First-team defense
Defensive back—Keyell Davis, Gig Harbor; Hunter Talen, Gig Harbor; Stevie Cleveland, Timberline; Uli Ma’ae Timberline. Linebackers—Erik Glueck, Bellarmine; Noah Failauga, Bellarmine; Clay Markoff, Olympia; Alex Bouterse, Gig Harbor. Defensive line—Blake Torgerson, Bellarmine; Mack Joss, Olympia; Kyle Hawkins, Timberline; Chris Jones, Timberline.
First-team special teams
Kicker—Matt Phiichi, Bellarmine. Punter—Cooper Canton, South Kitsap. Kick returner—Stevie Cleveland, Timberline.
Second-team offense
Quarterback—Cooper Canton, South Kitsap. Running back—Nathan Goltermann-Doyle, Bellarmine; Dylan Rychtarik, Stadium. Wide receiver—Jonathan Dowell, Timberline; Collin Courter, Olympia. Offensive line—Alex Emery, Gig Harbor; James Gunter, Olympia; Litea Lotovaivai, Bellarmine; Liam Hirl, Yelm; Chris Jones, Timberline.
Second-team defense
Defensive back—Tyler Lee, Bellarmine; Ahmad Lewis, Bellarmine; Peter Finley, Yelm; Derek Buehler, Olympia. Linebackers—Kale Wong, Gig Harbor; Noah French, South Kitsap; Ramon Marin Jr., South Kitsap; Tausaga Tusi, Stadium. Defensive line—Will Gatlin, South Kitsap; Amir Matheney, Olympia; Gabe Krizan, Yelm; Andre Scott, Stadium.
Second-team special teams
Kicker—Vernon Parker, Yelm. Punter Jose Mascareno, Stadium. Kick returner—Noah Samsen, Gig Harbor.
Honorable mention—SK, Ross Escolta, Elijah Griffin, Mikey Garcia, Jacob Miller, Jagher Beresheim.
Class 3A
MVP—Jordan Kitna, jr., Lincoln.
Offensive MVP—Conner Kennedy, sr., Capital.
Defensive MVP—Brion Anduze, sr., Central Kitsap.
Lineman MVP—Ben PuaPuaga, sr., Lincoln.
Coaching staff of year—Lincoln.
First-team offense
Quarterback—Julius Yates-Brown, Wilson. Running back—Zavia Frazier, Wilson; Dionte Simon, Lincoln. Wide receiver—Michael Cocke, Foss; Hayson Williams, Lincoln; Keon Thompson, Wilson. Tight end—Devan Brady, Lincoln. Offensive line—Mason Manning, Capital; Anthony Perez, Foss; Frank Williams, Lincoln; Jameson Johnson, Central Kitsap; Jack Springer, Wilson.
First-team defense
Defensive back—Jacob Johnson, Capital; Kendal Yaegle, Central Kitsap; Dehonta Hayes, Lincoln; Chris Reynolds, Foss. Linebackers—Ryan Burgman, North Thurston; Jusstis Warren, Lincoln; BJ Hawthorne, Lincoln. Defensive line—Drew Johnson, Capital; Duncan Mattson, Capital; Grant Williams, North Thurston; Jeremy Lukosh, Lincoln.
First-team special teams
Kicker—Van Soderberg, Capital. Punter—Van Soderberg, Capital. Kick returner—Keon Thompson Wilson.
Second-team offense
Quarterback—Adrian Allen, Mount Tahoma. Running back—Dante Thomas, North Thurston; Jack Henry, Shelton. Wide receiver—Jacob Johnson, Capital; Kelsey Deer, Central Kitsap; Dehonta Hayes, Lincoln. Tight end—Kacey Hanipale, Mount Tahoma. Offensive line—David Aniuu, Capital; Drew Johnson, Capital; Michael Huskey, Shelton; TJ Hazen, Wilson; Sapati Tuiolemotu, Mount Tahoma.
Second-team defense
Defensive back—Sean Morris, Capital; Kelsey Deer, Central Kitsap; Shayne Carpenter, Mount Tahoma; Malachai Hicks, North Thurston. Linebacker—Erik Ledesma, Central Kitsap; Brian Nault, Shelton; Jared Gearhart, Capital; David Shin, Wilson. Defensive line—Evan Lund, Central Kitsap; Devante Cruz, Foss; Dallas Pritchett, Capital; Dario Haynes, North Thurston.
Second-team special teams
Kicker—Alex Greenleaf, Wilson. Punter, Alex Greenleaf, Wilson. Kick returner—Dehonta Hayes, Lincoln.
Honorable mention—Central Kitsap, Sean Barefield.

All-Olympic League football team revealed

North Kitsap’s TJ Jensen and North Mason’s Daniel Burggraaf will share the Olympic League 2A MVP honors.
Bremerton’s Calvin Cardwell was named the offensive MVP and North Kitsap’s Bob Evans earned defensive MVP.
Coupeville’s Josh Bayne earned Olympic League 1A MVP.

Olympic League 2A
Co-MVPs—TJ Jensen, sr., North Kitsap; Daniel Burggraaf, sr., North Mason.
Defensive MVP—Bob Evans, jr., North Kitsap.
Offensive MVP—Calvin Cardwell, sr., Bremerton
Coaching staff of the year—Kingston
Sportsmanship—Port Angeles
First team offense
Quarterback—Miguel Moroles, sr., Sequim. Running back—Kyle North, sr., North Kitsap; Keshun McGee, sr., Olympic. Wide receiver—Bailey Early, so., Sequim; Colton Wade, jr., Olympic. Tight end—Matt Shaw, sr., Kingston. Offensive line—Brendan Gill, sr., North Kitsap; Roberto Coronel, sr., Port Angeles; Bryant Rosenquist, sr., North Kitsap; Ryan Aaro, jr., Bremerton; Keith Moore, jr., Olympic; Malachi Felder, sr., North Kitsap.
First team defense
Defensive line—Taylor Saylor, sr., Bremerton; Chris Robison, sr., North Kitsap; Umu Timoteo, sr., Olympic; Kole Milyard, jr., North Kitsap. Linebacker—Kellen Landry, jr., Port Angeles; Cole Rinehart, jr., North Mason; Josh Iles, sr., Kingston; Lee Smithley, jr., Olympic. Secondary—Andrew Hecker, sr., North Kitsap; Ty Haley, sr., Bremerton; Alex Barrett, jr., Kingston; Dylan Lott, so., Sequim; Marcus Harris, sr., Olympic.
First team special teams
Kicker—Andrew Hecker, sr., North Kitsap. Punter—Makaleb McInnis, sr., Olympic. Kick returner—Keshun McGee, sr., Olympic. Long snapper—Tanner Stracener, sr., North Kitsap.
Second team offense
Quarterback—Makaleb McInnis, sr., Olympic. Running back—Nathan Angevine, sr., Port Angeles; Garrett Rouser, sr., Kingston. Wide receiver—Miki Andrus, sr., Port Angeles. Tight end—Caleb West, jr., Port Angeles. Offensive line—Marcelo Sanchez, jr., North Kitsap; Tommy Fernandez, so., Olympic; Nick Colleto, sr., North Kitsap.
Second team defense
Defensive line—Zac Marks, jr., North Mason; Joe Kane, jr., Kingston; Jack Shea, jr., Sequim; Geordyn Shinard, jr., Olympic. Linebacker—Ty Grewell, sr., North Mason; Russell Johnson, jr., Kingston. Secondary—Sean Crowell, jr., North Kitsap; Terry Winslow, sr., North Mason.
Second team special teams
Kicker—none. Punter—Jacob Kennedy, jr., Port Angeles. Kick returner—Gavin Verlade, fr., Sequim. Long snapper—Max English, jr., Kingston.
Honorable mention
Bremerton—Connor Mahoney, sr., QB; Kameron Dunklin, sr., DL. North Kitsap—Leif Klinger, jr., KR. North Mason—Matt Backer, sr., QB; Conner Lundberg, sr., OL. Port Angeles—John Boesnberg, sr., OL. Sequim—Josiah Anastasi, sr., S.
Olympic League 1A
MVP—Josh Bayne, sr., RB, Coupeville
Offensive MVP—David Sua, jr., RB, Port Townsend
Defensive MVP—Gabriel Wallis, so., LB, Klahowya
Coaching staff of the year—Port Townsend
First Team Offense
Quarterback—Jeff Seton, sr., Port Townsend. Running back—Konner Langholff, sr., Klahowya; Wesley Walker, jr., Port Townsend. Wide receiver—Casey Sargent, sr., Klahowya; Tanner Zuber, sr., Klahowya. Tight end—Connor Schnuit, sr., Klahowya. Offensive line—David Hoglund, jr., Port Townsend; Zach Parcher, sr., Port Townsend; Brady Whetsel, sr., Klahowya; Aaron Wright, sr., Coupeville; Luke Flanigan, sr., Port Townsend.
First Team Defense
Defensive line—Oscar Liquidano, sr., Coupeville; Liam Anderson, sr., Port Townsend; Matt Shank, sr., Coupeville. Linebacker—Wiley Hesselgrave, jr., Coupeville; Keegan Khile, jr., Port Townsend; Austin Gruenhagen, sr., Klahowya; Zach Wilson, sr., Port Townsend. Secondary—Dylan Zuber, so., Klahowya; Drew Yackulic, jr., Chimacum; Austin Sargent, sr., Klahowya; Jacob Ralls, jr., Port Townsend
Honorable mention
Chimacum—Trevon Noel, sr., OL. Coupeville—Joel Walstad, sr., WR; Hunter Smith, fr., DB. Klahowya—George Harris, jr., QB; Maric Taylor, sr., OL; Eli Everson, sr., DL. Port Townsend—Cameron Constantine, sr., WR.

Jensen, Burggraaf share football MVP award

North Kitsap senior T.J. Jensen and North Mason senior Daniel Burggraaf were named co-MVPs for Olympic League 2A football earlier this week. Coaches met on Wednesday to vote on the all-league teams. The full list of selections hasn’t been released yet.
Jensen, who leads North Kitsap (10-0) against Hockinson on Saturday in the first round of the Class 2A state tournament, had 86 tackles on defense for the Vikings. Offensively, Jensen rushed for 600 yards and three touchdowns while adding 173 receiving yards and three more scores.
Burggraaf led North Mason (4-6) to a third-place finish in the Olympic League and a district playoff berth. A receiver/defensive back, Burggraaf had 582 receiving yards and five touchdowns, while posting 75 tackles, two interceptions and three fumble recoveries on defense.
Burggraaf also served as punter, kicker, kick returner and punt returner for the Bulldogs.

Updates from under Friday Night Lights

It’s playoff football time:
Kingston 20, Franklin Pierce 19 (final, OT)
Olympic 47, Foster 6 (final)
River Ridge 57, North Mason 14 (final)
Charles Wright 24, Port Townsend 14 (final)

In non-playoff games
Shelton 35, South Kitsap 26 (final)
Coupeville 55, Bellevue Christian 38 (final)
Bremerton 39, Bainbridge 36 (final)

North Kitsap clinched a spot at state with wins against Washington at Steilacoom.
Olympic also won its district opener but lost its second game. Oly and Bremerton will play Saturday morning.
Central Kitsap (3A) and South Kitsap (4A) each went 0-2 at districts and were eliminated.

We’re live streaming Renton at North Kitsap tomorrow night here.

Playoff edition of the Fearless Football Forecast

This week’s guest picker is Kitsap BlueJackets co-owner Rick Smith. Last week’s guest picker, David Nelson, went 7-5.

This week: Nathan Joyce Jeff Graham Annette Griffus Terry Mosher John Becerra Jr. Chuck Stark George Edgar Rick Smith
Central Kitsap at Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt Roosevelt C.Kitsap C.Kitsap C.Kitsap
Renton at North Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap N.Kitsap
Foster at Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Olympic Foster Olympic Olympic Olympic
North Mason at River Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge R.Ridge
Kingston at Franklin Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce F.Pierce
Klahowya at Cascade Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian C.Christian
Charles Wright at Port Townsend P.Townsend P.Townsend P.ownsend P.Townsend C.Wright P.Townsend P.Townsend P.Townsend
South Kitsap at Shelton S.Kitsap S.Kitsap Shelton S.Kitsap Shelton S.Kitsap S.Kitsap S.Kitsap
Bremerton at Bainbridge Bainbridge Bainbridge Bainbridge Bainbridge Bainbridge Bremerton Bremerton Bremerton
Washington St. at Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St. Oregon St.
UCLA at Washington UCLA UCLA UCLA Washington Washington Washington Washington Washington
Giants at Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Last week: 11–1 7–5 8–4 9–3 9–3 9–3 10–2 7–5
Season: 79-25 (.760) 75-29 (.721) 75-29 (.721) 74-30 (.712) 72-32 (.692) 71-33 (.683) 71-33 (.683) 66-38 (.635)

NK, PT ranked in final Associated Press state poll

Here’s the final Associated Press state football poll for the year.
North Kitsap finished seventh in 2A.
Port Townsend is ranked for the first time this season at 10th in 1A.

Class 4A
1, Bothell (10) 9-0 135
2, Camas (4) 9-0 130
3, Chiawana 8-1 112
4, Union 8-1 95
5, Lake Stevens 8-1 74
6, Gonzaga Prep 8-1 58
7, Gig Harbor 8-1 46
(tie) Graham-Kapowsin 8-1 46
9, Federal Way 7-2 32
10, Kentwood 8-1 25
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Wenatchee 12.

Class 3A
1, Bellevue (14) 9-0 140
2, Eastside Catholic 8-1 126
3, O’Dea 8-1 112
4, Marysville-Pilchuck 7-1 94
5, Lincoln 9-0 84
6, Peninsula 8-1 72
7, Kennedy 8-0 48
8, Auburn Mountain View 8-1 40
9, Meadowdale 7-2 17
10, Mt. Spokane 7-2 16
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Capital 10.

Class 2A
1, Tumwater (14) 9-0 149
2, Ellensburg (1) 9-0 133
3, Lynden 8-1 115
4, Hockinson 9-0 104
5, Prosser 8-1 94
6, Sedro-Woolley 8-1 76
7, North Kitsap 9-0 61
8, Woodland 8-1 43
9, Clarkston 8-1 22
10, Squalicum 7-2 8
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Liberty (Renton) 7.

Class 1A
1, Cascade Christian (9) 8-0 135
2, Colville (5) 9-0 128
3, Freeman 8-1 110
4, Zillah 9-0 97
5, Royal 8-1 83
6, Eatonville 9-0 76
7, Mount Baker 7-2 52
8, King’s 7-2 23
9, Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) 7-2 21
10, Port Townsend 7-2 13
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Cascade (Leavenworth) 9.

Class 2B
1, Napavine (5) 9-0 111
2, Lind-Ritzville Sprague (6) 9-0 108
3, North Beach 9-0 93
4, Reardan 8-1 84
5, Okanogan (1) 9-1 70
6, Toledo 8-1 69
7, Raymond 7-1 44
8, Brewster 9-1 37
9, Concrete 8-1 14
10, Davenport 6-3 11
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Colfax 10.

Class 1B
1, Neah Bay (10) 9-0 109
2, Liberty Christian (1) 8-0 98
3, Touchet 8-0 87
4, Republic 8-1 79
5, Lummi 6-3 31
Others receiving 6 or more points: 11, Cusick 24. 12, Odessa-Harrington 12.