What’s Kitsap’s biggest football rivalry game?

Thursday night I spent a little time reading about the Fish Bowl rivalry (Peninsula/Gig Harbor) in a nice writeup by the News Tribune’s T.J. Cotterill.

It got me wondering…what is the best football rivalry in Kitsap? I’ve covered football in the county for almost a decade and I’ve seen some stellar games between South Kitsap/Central Kitsap, North Kitsap/Olympic, Kingston/North Kitsap.

I’m interested to hear from folks from different schools? What’s the big game on the calendar? What’s the team you want to beat more than any other?

2 thoughts on “What’s Kitsap’s biggest football rivalry game?

  1. Cody Oakes
    C/O 2006 Central Kitsap WR

    I would have to say for us, the best games were Central Kitsap vs. South Kitsap……i went 1-2 vs. them in my varsity career and i believe the total point spread between the 3 games was 18 points. There were great athletes on both sides and the road team won every game in the series. Coach Sigurdson and Coach Keel are two great men and coaches and had both programs playing at a high level.

  2. LOL. I grew up in Texas playing hardnose football back in the 80s and let me tell you every game was a rivalry. But to sit there and play every Friday in front of a couple thousand people was always the best and we were a pretty small school. But since living up here with kids going to Olympic, I would have to say over the past couple seasons it was Oly vs NK. Both years went down to a last field goal as time ran out. Each team winning one to take the league.

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