One thought on “Should the U.S. move away from high school sports?

  1. Did you mean “money and a focus away from academics..”?

    Thanks for posting this story. It’s compelling reading.

    No one even noticed or cared when they cancelled the football program at WWU early on in the recession. It seemed the prudent thing to do.

    I’ve been reading commentaries about the NFL not being around in 10 to 15 years because of lawsuit settlements over head injuries. I did read the recent $765 million settlement to the approximately 450 players for head injury compensation was favorable to the NFL, as their revenues are somewhere in the $10 billion annually.

    The NFL was slated to co-present a series with PBS’ Frontline over head injuries and concussions starting in October. The NFL has pulled out.

    Not to pick on football, but it is considered the big money sport and apparently the most dangerous. It’s a strange activity for teachers to endorse.

    Do you know if they will have sports at charter schools? We could have 8 of them in the Fall of 2014 and 8 every year after until we get 40.

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