Ridiculous high school mascots

Here’s something I came across tonight while … well, while searching the internet for something interesting to read. It’s called 20 Ridiculous High School Teams. Some will make you laugh (the Cornjerkers?). Some will make you scratch your head (the Wooden Shoes?).

No schools from Washington made this list, of which there are several other good ones floating around the world wide web. My favorite? No. 19 is the Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards.

One thought on “Ridiculous high school mascots

  1. Let’s see, here in Washington, there’s the Ridgefield Spudders and the Vancouver Christian Light. Oregon has the Grants Pass Cavemen (and Cavegirls). In California, Yuba City and Willows have the same mascot, the Honkers (geese).
    I wonder if Forks will rename their teams the Twilights.

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