NK’s Weible named 2A state coach of the year

North Kitsap baseball coach Jeff Weible was named the Class 2A coach of the year by the Washington State Baseball Coaches Association. Weible led the Vikings to the state quarterfinals.
Several Kitsap players were named All-State.
South Kitsap pitcher Michael Wood was named second team for 4A.
Bainbridge first baseman Tino Peleti was named a second teamer for 3A.
Several players were named to the 2A team. North Kitsap pitcher Shane Crowell, Olympic outfielder Shane Matheny (who was also All-State last year), Olympic infielder Trevor Ward were all first-teamers. North Kitsap infielder Matt Fisher, Bremerton’s Eli Fultz and Matt Noll and North Mason’s Riley McKean were all second teamers.
To see the complete team, click here.

3 thoughts on “NK’s Weible named 2A state coach of the year

  1. Well this list is a joke.and to all the coaches that have voted for this list of all state players need to get there sh.. Straight befor they put this list out.kids on 2nd team all league went to the all state game.and now kids on this list were not even picked as all league.I just don’t get it. Eli and other kids should have been 1st team.Would like to know how a kid that did not lose a game in 2 years.during the regular season does not make 1st team.and by the way he also has 15 of of the 24 wins the last 2 years.so this may sound like I’m up set my kid was not 1st team this year.No I’m more up set that there is not a better way of picking the kids.. The kids deserve a better system.

  2. I not only had two kids play HS baseball and football (one in Pierce County and one in Kitsap), but I was an Assistant Coach on a few occasions (meaning I have firsthand knowledge on this). Politics play a huge roll in selections. I have heard first hand (from more than 4 coaches) how the Olympic League Coaches pick the All-League teams. The bigger voice coaches (or whiners, pompous or arrogant) usually prevail (trust me on that). Look back and see the past winners – hmmmmm. I can’t speak for the Narrows League process, but I’m sure it’s about the same. Does Weible deserve 2A coach of the year? Absolutely not, he knows most of the coaches association personally and he has a huge presence – I know this first hand as well. It doesn’t make him a bad coach, but anyone in and around the network of coaches knows how the process really works.

    Lastly, get over your kid not making 1st team or 2nd team (who really cares?????). No one will even care in two years – will he even be playing in 2 years? Doubt it. Not trying to be negative, but I am so sick of hearing about this stuff every year. Only a small handful of kids have the true talent to really be considered the best of the best. Your kid in SOCAL or Arizona would only be an above average players, and I say that with all due respect.

  3. Well Tacoma hoops, thanks for your input.as my comment stated not about my kid. But all the kids and how they are picked.and by the way my kid has a Full ride to play baseball at Lewis and Clark state.I do not know of any other baseball players to get this kind of offer.the daddy ball and politics have to much influence on the players to be named to all state.Just wish they would find a better way.

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