5 thoughts on “Coaches asked to resign after ordering kids to do bear crawls

  1. Sounds like the coaches don’t have a lot of common sense. Reminds me of the North Thurston swim coach that made his kids run a mile during practice. The problem was that they were bare-foot and there was snow on the track. Needless to say, that coach didn’t last long enough to see their feet thaw. We all make mistakes, but when when those mistakes put kids in harm’s way, there is usually trouble.

    Bear Crawles are great, but on a track? Use your head!

  2. Some of the students’ hands look like they were in pretty bad shape. The coaches were definitely out of line. Nobody should be injured as a punishment.

  3. A ten lap run around the track was in order if the kids didn’t have knee pads and thick gloves for protection doing the Bear Crawl

  4. Wow, anyone with half a brain knows that Bear Crawls are done on the football field. BTW a good way to get kids to hate running is to have them run for punishment…push-ups are way better. Or better yet, have them hit a tire hanging from a goal post with a baseball bat for punishment.

  5. Having them hit a tire with a baseball bat is a bad idea unless they are in a room by themselves where no one else can get hurt if the bat gets away from them.

    Pat Head Summitt had her basketball players run extra for punishment and it seemed effective based on results.

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