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2 thoughts on “Confidence important in postseason contests

  1. I root for Sequim. “IF” is one of the biggest words in the English language.

    “…so if Saturday‚Äôs game is close at halftime”

    I for one will be very surprised. But “if” it is, CP also likes to run up and down the court. They have more quickness, speed, and depth than Olympic.

    In another article it is mentioned that a Klahowya player was overwhelmed by the Olympic defense. Folks, comparing Klahowya to CP is like comparing the Eastpark PeeWees to Duke.

    It seems from reading more than a couple of articles in the Kitsap sun that the Sun staff has fallen in love.

    Olympic is a very good basketball team. Quinton is an excellent scorer and all around basketball player. Who determines MVP? Jason Brocklesby is the best player in the league.

    I am rooting strongly for Olympic against CP. I always root for OUR Olympic League against teams from other leagues.

    I wish the Sun would spread a little love around…

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