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Light falls on high school wrestler

January 22nd, 2013 by jeff graham

Saw this story yesterday about a light falling on a high school wrestler in South Dakota during a recent match. Here is video of the match.

This seems like a freak accident, but I wonder if high schools need to consider whether or not darkening the gym and using an overhead spotlight is worth the risk.

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One Response to “Light falls on high school wrestler”

  1. Greg Says:


    Didn’t this happen at the big Madison Square Garden wrestling event in New York?

    If so, then the light fixture was probably some temporarily rigged light for the event.

    And the wrestling spot lights I have seen in high school gyms are of a different type than the one that fell on the wrestler.

    That all said, as a wrestling parent and photographer, I really dislike it when they light the wrestlers by the single spot above the mat. It makes it very hard to take good photos of the wrestling action.

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