All-Metro League Mountain Division team revealed

Kicker Sam Kallas was the only first-team player. Several were named to the second team.

All-Metro League Mountain Division
Offensive MVP—Trey Reynolds, sr., Eastside Catholic
Defensive MVP—Jack Oman, sr., O’Dea; Peter Kimble, sr., Eastside Catholic.
Offensive lineman of the year—David Buchannon, sr., O’Dea.
Defensive lineman of the year—Andre Lino, sr., Blanchet; Jarius McDade, jr. O’Dea.
Coach of the year—Jeremy Thielbar, Eastside Catholic.
First-team offense
QB—Trey Reynolds, sr., Eastside Catholic.
RB—Miles Gaskin, so., O’Dea; Henry Jarvis, jr., Eastside Catholic.
FB—Charlie Brennan, sr., Seattle Prep; Jack Flor, jr., O’Dea.
WR—Taryll Calhoun, sr., O’Dea; Peter Kimble, sr., Eastside Catholic; Johnny Michalik, sr., Eastside Catholic.
TE—Hayden Meier, sr., Eastside Cathlic; Perry Stout, sr., Seattle Prep.
T—Andrew Lino, sr., Blanchet; Bryan Carter, sr., O’Dea; Christian Shigley, sr., Eastside Catholic.
G—Gill Biesold-McGree, sr., Seattle Prep; Drew Springfield, jr., Eastside Catholic; David Buchanan, sr., O’Dea.
C—Max Dellon, sr., Blanchet; Jack Oman, sr., O’Dea.
P—Will Schmidt, sr., O’Dea.
Second-team offense
QB—Pierre LeDorze, jr., O’Dea.
RB—Tatum Taylor, sr., O’Dea; Tere Calloway, sr., Seattle Prep; Matt Stone, sr., Bainbridge.
FB—Max Wyson, sr., Bainbridge.
WR—Alex Coplan, sr., Bainbridge; Josiah Lazarek, sr., O’Dea; Justin Musser, sr., Colin Bolt, jr., Eastside Catholic.
TE—Alexei Oro, jr., O’Dea
T—Hunter Hudgins, sr., Eastside Catholic; Jon Kroon, sr. Blanchet.
G—Luke Scalzo, sr., Seattle Prep; Joey Simmons, sr., Eastside Catholic; Dylan Ledbetter, so., O’Dea.
C—Alex Neale, so., Eastside Catholic.
P—Jack Peterson, sr. Blanchet.
First-team defense
DE—Andre Lino, sr., Blanchet; Bryan Carter, sr., O’Dea; Elisha Paaga, jr., Eastside Catholic; Will Schmidt, sr., O’Dea.
DT—Deion Fetui, so., Eastside Catholic; Jarius McDade, jr., O’Dea; Luke Scalzo, sr., Seattle Prep.
ILB—Charlie Brennan, sr., Seattle Prep; David Hurdle, sr., Eastside Catholic; Jack Oman, sr., O’Dea.
OLB—Perry Stout, sr., Seattle Prep; Zane Allen, sr., Eastside Catholic; Myles Gaskin, so., O’Dea.
CB—Tatum Taylor, sr., O’Dea; Luke Lattanzio, sr., Eastside Catholic.
S—Tere Galloway, sr., Seattle Prep; Peter Kimble, sr., Eastside Catholic.
K—Sam Kallas, sr., Bainbridge.
Second-team defense
DE—Jon Kroon, sr., Blanchet; Gill Biesold-McGee, sr., Seattle Prep.
DT—Moni Ioane, jr., Eastside Catholic; Bryan Butler, sr., O’Dea.
ILB—Brian Cox, sr., Eastside Catholic; Evan Banchero, sr., O’Dea. Jared Schattenkerk, sr., Eastside Catholic.
OLB—Justus Ross, jr., O’Dea; Nick Mutiloa, jr., Blanchet; Sam Kallas, sr., Bainbridge.
CB—Mikel Owens, so., O’Dea; Kevin Kocher, jr., Seattle Prep; Jacob Wheatley, jr., Blanchet.
S—Jack Hennign, jr., Seattle Prep; Jack Murphy, jr. O’Dea; Evile Kalaniuvalu, jr., Eastside Catholic.
K—Milo Cantor, sr., Seattle Prep.
Honorable mention—Bainbridge, Ryan Comstock, jr., DE; Jay Terry, sr., DE.

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