Consideration for football player of the year

With the football season is more than halfway done, I started thinking of candidates for the Kitsap Sun’s football player of the year.

I came up with a short list, but here’s the thing: I don’t know if I can identify a front-runner at this point.

South Kitsap senior running back/defensive back Bryce Broome has been a do-it-all force for the Wolves. With five interceptions, he might be the most impactful defensive player in West Sound. And he’s a talent on kick/punt returns. But I’m not sure if he’s done enough offensively.

Central Kitsap senior running back Nick Zawadzki is third in rushing yards and second in rushing touchdowns, but doesn’t play on defense.

North Kitsap senior quarterback A.J. Milyard leads the area in passing yardage and touchdowns. A 12-7 touchdown-to-interception ratio isn’t all that impressive, but Milyard is completing 61 percent of his passes.

What do you think? What other candidates are out there? Who else deserves consideration and why?


12 thoughts on “Consideration for football player of the year

  1. Brody Stromberg really???? Maybe if that coach actually played other kids instead of his favorites all the time you might see that they have others who are great too.

  2. Josh Ganowski, WR/DB/P, Klahowya
    28 receptions, 590 yards, 9 TD’s, 21 yards per catch
    19 tackles, 1 INT, 40 yards per punt

    Jacob Sheets, QB/DB, Klahowya
    853 yards passing, 9 TD’s (3 INT), 216 yards rushing 2 TD’s

  3. I agree with Retireddan…
    Brody Stromberg has led North Mason with such strong leadership.
    That kid has more heart and passion for the sport than anyone I know.
    He is always there encouraging the team and having such a positive influence on North Mason in general. His dedication to making the team what they are today is the reason he should be the player of the year!

  4. Andrew Shadle of Bremerton, pounding the ball on offense, and pounding ball carriers on defense. On the other side of the Canal, lineman Daryl Settlemire of Chimacum, the reigning Nisqually MVP, doing everything on both sides of the line.

  5. Take a look at Khody Golden, he has 3 solid years at NK and when he gets the ball good things happen. Team Captain, senior, little guy big heart and even bigger love of the game! Does not ask anything of anybody he will not do himself. Last game against North Mason took down a 358 pound player and he is 183 soaking wet. Give him a look and ask his team mates and coaches, nobody has more determination, heart or love of the game and his team.

  6. I also have to agree with Retireddan….Stromberg played the entire second half of their game against Kingston with a cracked rib and still came out against North Kitsap and ran the ball well and scored two tds before leaving the game in the 2nd with that cracked rib and still came out after half time and tried to play. Can you say DEDICATION!!!! @ Tara with Stromberg out this week against Olympic the Bulldogs struggled and lost that game…oh and the coach played the other players. Were you watching the same games this season??? Good Luck Brody and the Bulldogs with the rest of your season!!!

  7. Thanks for all the kind words about my son and all the boys out there working hard everyday of the week. Lets keep this positive I’m sure all the boys are reading this. All of the boys mentioned here are all about TEAM!!!!! That makes them special too. Keep up all your hard work and dedication to your team and good luck the rest of the season. Go get em Bulldogs. #42 you are awesome in our book too!

  8. Smellyjoe, have you been to the games?…. if I recall schoonhoven played a whole game with a broken hand that kid has been on the sideline pumping the boys up. Does that guy get any credit… I can name numerous kids on that team that have suited up every game and just stand on the sidelines. Brody is a great football player I have nothing against him. We didn’t loost Fridays game JUST because Brody was out you have schoonhoven out, brody out, CJ was limited and another kid that had knee surgery so its not just one thats out a lot of our main team is. hence why credit needs to be due to the other boys you win and loose as a team! I think it would be wonderful if someone from NM got player of the year. But for real if your running the same offense and giving it to the same kids ALL the time the other team is going to catch on, maybe we need to throw more or come up with different plays. My point is a lot of kids on that team don’t get credit where its due that coach DOES play favorites. GO NM

  9. @Tara I was Merely commenting on a previous comment and was not taking anything away form any of the other players. Schoonhoven is a great athlete and it is a big loss for the Bulldogs. If you have been to the games you would see that Stromberg is not the only one carrying the ball. If you think you can coach better maybe you should go to the coach and tell him you will take over. Im sure he would love to give up that stress and spend time with his young family. The loss this week was tough and having three starters on the sideline was not an easy pill to swallow and it was noted in the newspaper. Oh and if you read Schoonhoven had a large article published about him in the paper. Im sure the Bulldogs would be better off with a healthy team. This blog is about nominations of young men that have worked hard week after week so maybe you could keep your negativity to yourself and let people nominate the young men that they believe are worth this honor. I still agree with the comments about Stromberg. Not taking anything away from any other player.

  10. Josh Ganowski, Klahowya, WR/DB/P
    35 receptions, 712 yards, 10 TD, 22 Tackles, 1 INT, 41 yard average on punts

    Jacob Sheets, Klahowya, QB/DB
    1,057 yards passing, 12 TD (only 3 INT), 308 yards rushing, 3 TD, GREAT LEADERSHIP!

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