Quick football playoff breakdown

Football’s regular season is half over and we finally know how the playoffs work, so let’s develop the playoff picture.
Narrows League
The Narrows has four spots into the Class 4A state preliminary round.
Bellarmine Prep is undefeated (in league, overall records won’t enter into this discussion) and will likely win the league title.
Olympia is undefeated, and has a big game against Central Kitsap Friday. The winner has the inside track for the No. 2 spot in league.
South Kitsap is at Yelm on Friday in a game for the inside track to the fourth spot.
Metro League
The two divisions of the Metro have three playoff spots each.
In the Mountain Division, O’Dea and Eastside seem to have 1-2 locked up (and will decide the issue Oct. 12).
Bainbridge is at Seattle Prep on Friday in a game that will likely decide the third spot. A Bainbridge win would give them third (and they could move up if they can upset O’Dea on Oct. 18).
Olympic League
The Oly has four playoff spots.
Bremerton is first place and is in a good spot.
North Kitsap, North Mason, Olympic and Kingston are in a four-way tie for fourth. Only three will make it and next few weeks will have to sort that out.

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