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So long, Slip 45

Things looked pretty empty driving past the Bay Street (Port Orchard) watering hole this morning, and a one-line entry on their MySpace page confirms that the folks who were running Slip 45 have called it quits and “gone back to Cali.”

If you’re keeping score, since J.A. Michaels, that Makos and Slip 45 that have come and gone in that location in just a few years’ time.

More later … — MM

The Steppenwolf Music Will Flow Like Water …

Goldy McJohn & Friendz will be back in Port Orchard on March 20, according to a call today from GM&F guitarist Glenn Bui .

The band will headline an evening at Slip 45 (formerly J.A. Michaels, formerly Mako’s), 715 Bay Street. The lineup has changed somewhat, according to Bui, with only McJohn — keyboardist from the legendary 70s band Steppenwolf — and Bui back from the bunch that played last year at Moondogs, Too.

"We’re playing a lot of Steppenwolf songs nowadays," Bui said. "We’ve got like 20 Steppenwolf songs we’re playing."

Former Heart guitarist Roger Fisher is on the bill, too, with local-guy William Thomas Anderson opening.

Bui also said GM&F will be playing in April at the Puyallup Spring Fair .

And … a look at Slip 45’s calendar shows an upcoming visit from Hendrix channeler extraordinaire Randy Hansen .

Some big happenings at the Slip …

More later … — MM