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Reunions of Bands We Didn’t Need in the First Place

I get a kick out of typing up the schedules for the local nightspots — mainly the Seattle ones — because I love good band names.

But it struck me this week how many of these shows over in Seattle are labeled as “Reunion” shows. Some band I never heard of, which means they never did anything worth hearing about, is reuniting.

Like: “Meat and the Gristle (Reunion Show)”.

I never noticed when Meat and the Gristle broke up. I never noticed when they did anything. Neither did you. Neither did anybody else. So why are they reuniting?

The listing should be more like: “WARNING: Meat and the Gristle (Needless Reunion Show)”

On the other hand, if Drive It Like You Stole It ever reunites, let me know …

Sorry for ranting.

More later … — MM