“Summerplay” Readings Will Take Two Nights

Overwhelmed by the number of submissions for this summer’s "Summerplay 2009: A Festival of New Works ," the folks at the Changing Scene Theatre Northwest have culled the field down to 15 plays (from a list of more than 30), which will be aired out in two evenings of staged readings March 8 and 15 at the theater, 5889 Highway 303 (behind the Orowheat Bakery outlet).

Though it wasn’t immediately known which plays would be read on which nights, the submissions that "made the cut" (so to speak) include (in no particular order):

"That’s What I Love About Art," by Craig Abernethy

"Kitchen Sink Drama," by John Davenport

"Belief," by David Schroeder

"You Don’t Say," by Miryam Gordon

"Dad and the Cell Phone," by Flip Wingrove

"The Enemy," by Shannon Murdoch

"Truckstop," by Art Reitsch

"Sam and Dotty," by John Davenport

"Before the Holy Temple," by David Brendan Hopes

"A Question of Ethics," by Flip Wingrove

"Who’s Afraid of Geo and Alice," by James Daly

"Tiny Little Gods and Big Giant Men," by Michael C. Moore

"Doing Lunch," by Ron Ford"

Chance," by Fedra Yadzi


"In The Shade of the Koran," by Ned Condini

Flip Wingrove, who had two plays selected, also has a one-act — "The Bingo Wars" — in this year’s Playwrights’ Festival at Key City Public Theatre in Port Townsend. James Daly also has a play — "Signs of Change" — in that collection, which runs through March 8.

If I remember right, the readings are supposed to be at 7 p.m. both nights; but don’t hold me to that. I’ll get the official info up as soon as I know it. Information: (360) 792-8601, changingscenenorthwest.org

More later … — MM

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