The Steppenwolf Music Will Flow Like Water …

Goldy McJohn & Friendz will be back in Port Orchard on March 20, according to a call today from GM&F guitarist Glenn Bui .

The band will headline an evening at Slip 45 (formerly J.A. Michaels, formerly Mako’s), 715 Bay Street. The lineup has changed somewhat, according to Bui, with only McJohn — keyboardist from the legendary 70s band Steppenwolf — and Bui back from the bunch that played last year at Moondogs, Too.

"We’re playing a lot of Steppenwolf songs nowadays," Bui said. "We’ve got like 20 Steppenwolf songs we’re playing."

Former Heart guitarist Roger Fisher is on the bill, too, with local-guy William Thomas Anderson opening.

Bui also said GM&F will be playing in April at the Puyallup Spring Fair .

And … a look at Slip 45’s calendar shows an upcoming visit from Hendrix channeler extraordinaire Randy Hansen .

Some big happenings at the Slip …

More later … — MM

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