DAILY DRIVEL — If This is the ‘Circus,’ What Was the Last Three Years?

Britney’s coming, people. She’s going to be in Tacoma April 9.

There. You’ve been warned.

Britney Spears is feeling much better, thank you, and her hair’s grown back, so she’s going on tour. The 27-city "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" tour will touch down at the Tacoma Dome April 9. Tickets, for those of you with more cash than you can reasonably account for, go on sale Dec. 6 through the Nice Folks at Ticketmaster. She’ll be accompanied on the tour by the Pussycat Dolls .

Two things can happen, and I don’t know which would be worse. First, the tour can be a sell-out, returning The Britster to the top o’ the pop world. Second, ticket sales can tank, which will mean that the only way for her to get our attention is to go bonkers again and do something even more over-the-top than shaving her noggin, kicking the crap out of a defenseless SUV, eschewing underwear and giving her rug-rat sons lap-rides on their way to Burger King.

Given the state of the economy, and the appalling lack of anything likable about her new CD ("Womanizer," supposedly the best track, sounds like it was written by 9-year-olds, and that’s probably an affront to 9-year-olds), I’m afraid this "Circus" is headed for Tanksville.

Either way, we can’t win. Britney as star, or Britney as basket case … neither one sounds like any fun any more.

More later … — MM

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