“ZMD” Will Make Festival Rounds

"Zombies of Mass Destruction ," the film shot last autumn in and around Port Gamble, is nearly finished, according to its producer, John Sinno of Seattle’s Typecast Films.

But there are no plans to screen the film, directed and co-written by Kevin Hamedani , around Kitsap in the near future.

"We’ve submitted the film to Sundance and Slamdance and a bunch of other (genre) festivals," Sinno said during a phone conversation Oct. 21. "We have to wait and see what happens with them, and we don’t want to screw up our chances by screening it somewhere before they have a chance at it."

Sinno said he and Hamedani screened the film for cast and crew members two weeks ago. Suquamish’s Linda Jensen , who has a lead role in the film and helped with local casting, and her husband, John Jensen , who helped with set and prop construction, were unable to attend.

"It looks really good," Sinno said of the film, which he described as being "95 percent done. We’ve got a few minor tweaks we still have to do.

Hamedani also said the film was nearly completed from a technical standpoint. In an e-mail Oct. 20, he said he had only some work left on the sound track — along with the tweaks mentioned by Sinno.

Sinno said there still are hopes that "ZMD" will be screened for Kitsap audiences at some point, but that the high-profile festival rounds have to take top priority.

"We’re still looking at avenues to get it out," he said. "I really think it’s a very decent film. The political message of it is right there, and it’s really funny."

"The people at the screening really enjoyed it," he said. "The production values are very good, considering the budget we made it with."

There had been hopes that "ZMD" would be screen locally upon its completion, both as a thank-you to Port Gamble and environs and as a salute to Harry Helm , a Port Orchard actor who played a key role in the film but took ill and died shortly thereafter. It was the final film for the veteran of nearly a half century of stage and screen acting.


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