Mattea’s Music Will Get to You

If you’re on the fence about whether to go see Kathy Mattea when she plays at the Admiral Theatre on Oct. 24, I’m telling you — GO.

Up until about a week ago, I knew as much about Mattea and I knew about quantum physics (come to think of it, I might know more about quantum physics). But a phone interview with the veteran country-folk-roots singer last week (the results of which you can read at and in the Oct. 17 print edition of Kitsap A&E ), and a listen to some of her music, has made me a convert.

Hopefully, she’ll play most — if not all — of her newest CD, "Coal ," which is a collection of songs about coal mining and coal miners. To say that her interpretations of the songs she chose for the record are effective would be a gross understatement — I think I cried five times (and I’m not a person normally given to the water works), and the closing, a cappella reading of "Black Lung" had me blubbering like a kid throughout.

I can hardly wait to hear her perform live.

More later … — MM

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