Bumber Jitters !! A Day Two Report

A strange, short day at the ’Shoot.

Had to leave early to get back to Bremertron and see Ron Thompson at the Blackberry Festival; hopped off the boat and he already was playing, and it took me about two minutes to decide it was worth it to come back and see him.

Not that things were dull at the ’Shoot. Things never are dull at the ’Shoot. Musically, it was really a mixed bag of a day, though. The Fisher Green Stage went from the downright weird pop stylings of Lushy (who I didn’t much like) to the Indian-informed riff-rock of Manooghi Hi (who I did, after initially thinking they were going to be a continuation of the weirdness).

The Mural Stage gave us the alt-country twang of Star Anna , the angsty folk-pop of Spokane’s Tyrone Wells and the sweet, earthy folk of BumberFavorite Kathleen Edwards . That was going to end up being the most interesting stage of the day, with Jakob Dylan and Ingrid Michaelson still to follow.

On Broad Street, things opened with a three-piece called Sage who came off as a Primus knock-off, without the sense of humor. They were followed by hard-working alt-rockers The Shackletons . I thought they started lame, but heard that they picked up steam later in their set. Tapes ‘n Tapes were going to close that stage out late Sunday night, but I was back in B-town by then, slaving over a hot keyboard here in the Sungeon.

Still plenty of energy, and I know why: Two of the major sponsors at the ’Shoot this year are Starbucks and Rock Star Energy Drinks, and they’re both giving away free samples. Well, even though I don’t drink coffee or use energy drinks, under normal circumstances, I’ve never been one to turn down a free sample. It’s why I love Costco.

I had a couple shots of Starbucks iced coffee, and a couple of generous samples of the Rock Star products (they have a latte that ain’t half bad, but the other drinks’ll put you in the mind of Jolt — they don’t really even have flavors, just colors: "You want red or purple," the girls ask you.

Oh, the girls. This is a concern. Rock Star is giving the stuff away free, but they’re somehow convinced they need girls — exotic dancer, bikini-barista types — to get you to come over to the table and pick one up (the drinks, not the girls).

Does this all sound confused? Blame the caffeine, don’t blame me. It’s only in the last hour or so that I stopped thinking my heart was going to burst …

Anyway, Monday’s going to be the best day of all. Among the things on my to-do list are Paramore , Blitzen Trapper , Bedouin Sounclash , Cheb i Sabbah , the Old 97s and — if I can find enough free samples to keep me going — Superchunk and Death Cab in the stadium or Sondre Lerche and Minus the Bear elsewhere on the grounds.

Say hi if you get a chance. I’ll be the wild-eyed guy alternately swilling Starbucks and Rock Star with one hand, and his other hand clutching his heart.

More later … — MM

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