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Richie’s Burger Urge

I made the mistake of passing on this ‘burger joint’ and ventured on down to Front Street a few weeks ago for a weekend lunch.  Today I decided to satisfy my ‘burger urge’ at Richie’s.  I must say – I was most pleasantly surprised!

For any readers who have ever tried Dick’s in the Seattle area, you’re going to love Richie’s!  Our own little slice of burger heaven right here in Kitsap – how cool is that?!  Burgers made of freshly ground chuck (single, double AND triple), veggie burgers for those who desire, shakes for those with the craving… let’s not forget the best part….  natural cut greasy fries with fry sauce to die for.   French fry lovers are very particular about the type of fry they love, just as pizza lovers are picky about their pizza.  For me, it’s crinkle or natural cut/greasy…  preferably the latter and Richie’s did not disappoint.

Apparently the rest of Poulsbo agreed, because for a small burger joint located in a strip mall across from a national burger fast food franchise if you can believe it…  traffic was definitely not an issue – although parking was.  The seating is limited, hopefully come summer a few tables will be added outside because Richie’s is definitely worth the trip in my book!

A few last words — as expected this a serve yourself establishment, but the counter help appears to be very happy to be working at Richie’s, making the experience all the better.  It gives a 50’s diner sort of feel with the decor.  The prices are very reasonable and worth the drive I took from Silverdale.

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