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How do you Pizza…



Since my first slice of pizza at a very young age, I knew I was in love with this wonderful food we call pizza.  Since that time I’ve discovered that nobody makes this dish the same way.  Growing up in Montana, I grew attached to my family’s favorite pizza venue where a very thin crust made in a brick oven was made.  My brother and I were awestruck as youngsters in this pizza joint because not only was the pizza great, but you could also watch them toss the dough in the air, see it slide into the oven and watch the whole process transpire before our eyes.

I’ve learned that everyone has their idea of what is the ‘perfect’ pizza.  For me it is a thin, crispy crust with just a cheese topping.  Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve tried the pizza joints in search of a pizza close to the one I grew up on… usually disappointed but occasionally pleasantly surprised.  In Kitsap I’ve tried the typcial Round Table, West Side Pizza, Tommy’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s but have one stands above the rest.  I’ve found that quite often the small single owner shops give better service, have better food and just need a closer look sometimes… and I have found such a place.

Today I present once again…  Poulsbo Wood Fired Pizza.  I am never disappointed here, unless I arrive and they are closed of course!  A small operation with single slices prepared at the ready for those wanted to eat right away…  there’s nothing like wood fired pizza in my opinion.  The first time I walked in to this venue several years ago, the crust seemed a bit thicker than I prefer so I requested a thin crust.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was almost identical to the pizza I was raised on and I was instantly taken home again… a place they say you can never go.  A particular server remembers me every time and what I order, even though I only visit them 1-2 times per year.

So I ask you…  How Do You Pizza???  Chicago? New York? Pepperoni? Meat Lovers? Vegetarian?  What is it?  Do you have a favorite place in Kitsap for pizza?  For pizza lovers this is a ‘serious’ issue.


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