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Breakfast in Silverdale

I can think of many wonderful things to do on a nice spring Sunday morning, but starting out with breakfast or brunch at one a local restaurant would be first on my list of activities.

Today I dined at Shari’s, a family style restaurant which touts their “best breakfast” award repetitively.  Since returning to the area in April, this is the 2nd time I have dined here for breakfast.  The first time I ate at Shari’s was on Mother’s Day and chose the Eggs Benedict and today it was a Ham/Cheese Omelet with Hash Browns and Toast.  I went to Shari’s today with the hopes of simply having french toast, but to my dismay they only offer a French Toast with caramel sauce and whip cream – this seemed more like dessert then breakfast to me.  What has happened to our traditional breakfast items?  Why change what does not need to be repaired?  At the very least, offer the traditional and the new.

I would like to offer up as a comparison, the Big Apple Diner in Bremerton.   Although the address is in Bremerton, it is midway between Silverdale and Bremerton.  A diner with a 50’s feel, I have never been to this diner when it wasn’t packed and never had poor service.  My favorite is the Eggs Benedict.  I’ve had lunch items and they pale to the breakfasts.  At the Big Apple, the food is king, that’s what keeps people coming back and were I to compare it to Shari’s, there is no comparison – Big Apple wins, hands down every time.

My favorite breakfast items are Eggs Benedict, French Toast and Ham/Cheese Omelet.  Would love to hear comments on how everyone likes their breakfast – kind of a poll as it were.  Also, where do you like to get your breakfast.  I’ll try to check out new places and give my review.

5 thoughts on “Breakfast in Silverdale

  1. I enjoy Biscuits and Gravy or Pancakes when I am out for breakfast. I have not found biscuits and gravy better than Uncle Dave’s Diner in Port Orchard. Their service is great and the place is always packed. If you are ever in search for a breakfast place in the South Kitsap Area I would definitely suggest you try this little gem of a place.

  2. I second the nomination of Uncle Dave’s. Can’t beat the price or commeraderie. For pancakes, go to the Airport Diner. But only order one. They are the size of wheel covers (or at least a full dinner plate). On my French toast I like peanut butter – no syrup for me. Thanks for the heads up about Sharis. Frankly, I only go there for pie anyway.

  3. The Big Apple Diner has good breakfasts – but Hi-Lo’s on 5th is right up there! The eggs and fried reds are awesome! And, they have the thermos museum!

  4. In my continued quest to find excellent breakfast fare in Kitsap County I ventured forth again today (5/29). Today I dined at Taprock Grill in Poulsbo and tried their “Classic French Toast”. As I stated in my last review, Shari’s does have a French Toast on the menu but it resembles a dessert menu. I was quite impressed today at Taprock, thick sourdough slices made the traditional way with bacon on the side (your choice of bacon, sausage or ham). Three slices on the plate didn’t look like much compared to other spots I’ve visited, but I was unable to finish the last slice I was so full! A definite recommend for Taprock with excellent service by host and wait staff to boot. Reasonable pricing for breakfast fare with all NW items on the menu.

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