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Crime Trend: Beware those who ‘skim’ to scam your debit card

Beware of skimmers.

No, we’re not talking about people who switch to nonfat milk. These are tech savvy crooks who know who to get hold of electronic devices that, when hooked up to ATM machines’ card readers, can record your credit card information. To get your pin number to go with it, they generally have a small camera nearby to capture you typing it in, reported the Seattle Times in a story Tuesday.

The Times points out that even federal prosecutor Jenny Durcan herself was a victim recently, and that skimming is a $1 billion a year illicit business.

Some easy tips to protect yourself against skimming can be found here at Tech Republic. Be on the lookout when using ATMs and if you’ve been a victim of it, feel free to share your story so we learn from it.