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Sergeant Receives Assignment from his Past

Bremerton Detective Sgt. Kevin Crane was subpoenaed to North Carolina this past week, on a rather unique assignment that saw him testify in a pre-trial hearing of a high-profile murder case.

Crane, who some of you will recognize from his duties as frequent public information officer for the department, was flown by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to testify at a pre-trial hearing for Tyrone Delgado.

Delgado will stand trial in March for the murder of Melissa Mooney, an FBI secretary, at Mooney’s North Carolina home in 1999.

Just what does Crane have to do with the case? It just so happens that Delgado lived in Bremerton.

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Thawing Out Cold Cases

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Brasfield has converged a cream-of-the-crop team of retired law enforcement officers to tackle the county’s unsolved missing persons and homicide cases.

They’re all volunteering for the job, and are residents of Jefferson County. Their law enforcement experience, however, sets them apart — more than 100 years among them, in stints with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the federal A.T.F., and even the Mercer Island Police Department.

According to a press release from the office, the cold case “squad” will focus on six and ten cases that date back as much as 40 years.

Among them:

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From ‘Baby Doe’ to ‘Dawn’

The case is still as mysterious as the day “Baby Doe,” a newborn infant, was found on the side of a South Kitsap road in a garbage bag.

Investigators with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office have searched various leads, but nothing has helped find the mother of the child whose body was found April 5, 2006 along Bielmeier Road.

And, “although the investigation continues, it is time to put this precious baby to rest,” Kitsap County Coroner Greg Sandstrom said in a press release.

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8 Hours

The Kitsap Sun broke a story last week about a DUI suspect caught in the Westpark area of Bremerton who turned out to be a murder suspect in San Francisco.

Determining that DUI suspect Foi Chi Duong had the same fingerprints as 2002 murder and kidnapping suspect Tu Minh Doung took law enforcement about 8 hours to figure out.

How did it happen? Here’s an hour by hour look.

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Cold Cases Anyone?

I’ve been thinking about gathering some of Kitsap’s — and really anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula’s — unsolved or “cold” cases.

Be them assaults, robberies, or even murders, they’ve been coming up more frequently, thanks to the accuracy of DNA testing and popularity of shows like “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

I think bringing a few of them back into the spotlight in the Kitsap Sun might do some good — who knows? Maybe it could even solve a case.

If you know of any possible considerations, please let me know!