The neighbor from Hell

A nearly naked Bremerton woman, high on drugs and apparently banging on a random neighbor’s door and making threats on Monday left a Kitsap County sheriff’s deputy struggling with his words.

“I am not sure I can use words to define how heavily intoxicated she appeared,” the deputy wrote in a report.

Law enforcement was called to a residence in South Kitsap evening when a neighbor reported the woman, 34, was pounding on her door, threatening her.

The neighbor told the deputy it was actually the second time this happened. The first was in June.

The deputy interviewed other people in the suspect’s apartment, and noted they were all similarly under the influence of drugs or alcohol, though the neighbor said the woman was on cocaine.

A man at the residence told the deputy that he lost his shoe, and that his name was Ninja.

Another deputy attempted to interview the suspect, but noted in a report, “She was unable to answer any questions and nothing she said made any sense.”

The suspect was charged Tuesday with indecent exposure.

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