New judge getting sworn in, two veterans being honored

This month marks the start of one judicial career and the recognition of the longevity of two others.


Newly appointed Superior Court Judge Bill Houser, who was selected by Gov. Jay Inlsee to replace Steve Dixon, will be sworn into office Monday, March 31, at 3 p.m. in the County Commissioner’s chambers.


Houser will not have much time to get acquainted with his new job before standing for election in the fall.


Then on Thursday, March 27, the Washington State Association for Justice will honor two long-serving Kitsap judges for their 20 years of service, Superior Court Judge Jay Roof and Poulsbo Municipal Court Judge Jeffrey Tolman.


The event will be held at McCormick Woods Golf and Country Club in Port Orchard from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

One thought on “New judge getting sworn in, two veterans being honored

  1. Based on my experience with the Kitsap Superior Court, I have to ask, why are they even going thru the trouble of swearing thus guy in? I appealed a REdflex ticket before Judge Luarie, Who is now the presiding Judge. I gave her clear evidence that the “judge Penny Hill” who “heard” the case in Bremerton, did not have an Oath of Office and was not a member of the BAR as required by law. Judge Docter was paying Penny Hill to wear a robe and hear these REdflex cases. I figured Superior Court Judge Laurie would throw the case out but instead she went out of her way to justify the fake robe wearing “judge Penny Hill” and declared her DEFACTO based on some irrelevant case. So, the way I look at the presiding Judge of Kitsap Superior Court has no regard for the law and stands up to protect unsworn, unqualified people who wear the “robe”. Oh yeah, I filed a complaint with the commission of Judicial Conduct and they laughed it off, saying Penny Hill was not a real judge so there was nothing they could do. I also asked Judge Docter for an apology but he refused. So based on that, I really question the “Honor and Integrity” of Kitsap County and it’s arrogant, self serving judicial system. Why don’t they just stick the guy in a robe, put up a sign that says “judge” and if any one calls him on it, just say, “pffft, de facto judge, what are you going to do about it?”

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