ACLU: Six misdemeanor pot possession cases were filed in Kitsap last year


The ACLU released statewide data Wednesday showing the sudden drop in misdemeanor marijuana possession charges for adults.

Although holding up to an ounce of pot, or 28 grams, is now legal, you can still be cited and prosecuted for a misdemeanor if you are found with between 28 grams and 40 grams. Those are the charges the ACLU set out to find.

And the ACLU found very few.

In 2012, the year I-502 passed, there were 5,531 misdemeanor pot charges filed statewide, according to ACLU research.

In the 2013, when the law took effect, there were 120 charges filed.

Quite the drop.

That steep decline is reflected in local numbers as well.

In 2012, 138 adults were cited for misdemeanor pot possession in Kitsap.

Last year: six.

Below you will find the statewide numbers, and below that the Kitsap numbers. All data was provided by the ACLU of Washington, which obtained its numbers by filing a records request with the state Administrative Office of the Courts.

2009 – 7964
2010 – 6743
2011 – 6879
2012 – 5531
2013 – 120

Kitsap County
2009 – 253
2010 – 141
2011 – 184
2012 – 138
2013 – 6

One thought on “ACLU: Six misdemeanor pot possession cases were filed in Kitsap last year

  1. Dropping from almost eight thousand in 2009 to 120 last year must have saved millions in jail space alone and ten times that in court costs and attorneys. So where is the crime wave of the pot crazed dope fiends rioting in the streets and robbing grandmothers that the prohibition fans predicted? ……. crickets…….

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