It’s getting Hawkish all up in here

12th man at courthouse
At the courthouse Friday, somebody made an impromptu shrine to the 12th Man.

You might think that a man facing about 10 years in prison would have important things on his mind.

And you would be right. In this case, it is the Seattle Seahawks.

Yes, it’s true. A man happily put off going to prison so he could watch the Super Bowl. I believe he believes the Seahawks will be in the game. I hope he is right.

Tyler F. Freeman Williams pleaded guilty on Friday to a host of felonies, including leading organized crime, pimping, witness tampering and cocaine dealing.

Following the change of plea, Superior Court Judge Anna Laurie asked if he was ready to be sentenced.

Williams lawyer said he wanted more time to prepare a brief intended to make Freeman’s case for why leniency may be warranted.

If they are destined for prison anyway, many inmates want to get it on. Prison, in Washington state, is generally a better environment than county jail, where inmates are held for trial and to serve sentences up to a year.

In prison one gets to wear street clothes, there are recreation programs, and free time.

But postponing the sentencing hearing until Feb. 14 was fine with Freeman. The Super Bowl is scheduled for Feb. 2.

To make his point, Freeman pointed to a Seattle Seahawk tattoo on his arm.

To read the story and watch the video.

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