Belfair marijuana provider seeks Shelton expansion

Mari Meds, the nearly one-year-old provider of marijuana for the surrounding medical cannabis community, has been seeking a second location in Shelton.

Not so fast, the city said, in rejecting its business license application. City officials said the business would run afoul of state and federal laws.

The denial came as a blow to Lori Kent, one of Mari Meds’ proprietors. Mari Meds has appealed the decision to the Shelton city commission; their appeal will be heard Nov. 21.

“I don’t think we’ve thrown in the towel,” she said.

Kent said her Highway 3 location has been careful to comply with state laws, even after Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a law that left so-called dispensaries “without legal recognition and more vulnerable to prosecution,” according to an AP article.

Kent said the shop is surviving by using “patient self-treatment.” It gives patients access to other patients who know how to find their state-authorized medicine.

“It puts it back on the patient,” she said. They just verify they’re a legal patient, and the people behind the counter have medical cards, so they’re sharing their marijuana.

One thought on “Belfair marijuana provider seeks Shelton expansion

  1. These are businesses and also provide patients medicine. A medicine that works. Also A business that works and provides jobs and pays its dues to the county and states revenues. Our country used to have plantations growing marijuana and it was widely used for various things. Now it is available to paitents whom have a ligitamite reason to have it. which is now our right legally. Other states are agreeing this as well. Yet nationally its not yet figured out, which is dissapointing. You look arround and see a pharmacy on every corner. Me i dont take pills for pain. and i think there overused by too many people these days. And yet those medications were perscribed from valid doctors as well. The point here also is people need to recognize the value of this medicine and allow our state and federal dollars to drive out the real drugs plaguing our nation and communities like the heroin, meth, cocaine, ect. look at our neighboors in california Pot is, after all, California’s biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion a year in sales. Im no expert but i would like to see our state provide a service, and jobs that generate a figure like that and it supports our medicine. Thanks

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