LIVE BLOG: Closing arguments in Olalla assault trial

The Kitsap Sun will be in court Monday morning for closing arguments in the case of State of Washington vs. Damien Walters

As you’ll recall from our previous story:

Kitsap County prosecutors Monday laid out their case against an Olalla man they say shot and critically wounded his 25-year-old roommate after a night of drinking, and then left him “for dead” on his back porch in May 2010.

But an attorney for Damien S. Walters, 27, told jurors in his rebuttal to prosecutors’ opening arguments that while numerous witnesses and much evidence will be presented, they’ll be left with an “enormous black hole in the middle.”

Only the two men were there, and neither has a memory of the late evening when the 25-year-old was shot, said Walters’ attorney, Tim Leary of Seattle.

“You are going to have to decide, beyond a reasonable doubt … what happened,” Leary said. “And we just don’t know.”

But prosecutors argued the totality of the evidence would lead the jurors to a conclusion of guilt.

The live blog of the trial’s closing arguments will commence at 9 a.m. Monday morning in this space below.

UPDATE: As of Tuesday morning, the jury was still out.

One thought on “LIVE BLOG: Closing arguments in Olalla assault trial

  1. I was in that court room almost every day throughout the 2 week trial. I can’t believe the jury came to the decision they did. The defense attorney made a mockery of a case, and made himself and his “client” look like idiots! It’s amazing that we live in this world that’s supposed to be about equality and fairness, and our government is supposed to “protect” us, yet we give all of the rights to the criminals, and allow dangerous people into our society and leave victims with little to no closure.

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