Heroes of South Kitsap Walmart shooting honored

Krista McDonald — the Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputy and hero on that January day when a Utah man shot two of her fellow deputies at Walmart — was awarded the sheriff’s office’s highest honor at a ceremony in September. 

McDonald was awarded the medal of valor by Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer.

“The actions of Deputy Krista McDonald saved the lives of two wounded deputies, most likely her own life, and eliminated an imminent threat to public safety and the lives of civilians who were in the immediate vicinity,” Boyer said. “These actions are acts of exceptional professionalism as well as heroism in the face of grave danger.”

As you’ll recall from our previous coverage:

Seeing two of her fellow officers wounded by a Utah fugitive, Kitsap County Sheriff’s deputy Krista McDonald engaged the suspect, Anthony A. Martinez, hitting him in the knee with a hollow-point bullet fired from her .40-caliber Glock, bringing him to the ground from 60 feet away.


Also awarded for their heroics in the Jan. 23 incident at the sheriff’s awards banquet:

A sheriff’s certificate of appreciation was awarded to David Wilson, a Harrison Medical Center nurse who helped at the scene before medics arrived.

Deputies Troy Graunke and Mark Gundrum and reserve deputy Darryl Barnes were awarded sheriff’s commendation for their response to the scene.

And last, but most certainly not least, deputies Andrew Ejde and John Stacy, wounded by gunfire, were presented law enforcement’s purple heart medal and the medal of courage.

The National Sheriffs’ Association’s Award of the Medal of Valor, was also presented to Ejde, McDonald and Stacy.


3 thoughts on “Heroes of South Kitsap Walmart shooting honored

  1. Right on. Thanks for posting this Josh. The people of Kitsap County need to remember these people are trained and ready to protect us all when the need arises. We should thank them for that.

    1. I can’t speak to that, jb. The investigation conducted by the Washington State Patrol concluded the suspect had shot the 13-year-old, not the sheriff’s deputy.


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