Bainbridge parents take to Facebook to stop teen drunken driving

Some Bainbridge Islanders have formed a Facebook page in response to a likely DUI crash on Bainbridge a few weeks back, and the outpouring of community support for it is quite impressive.

Dubbed, “Won’t Ask, Won’t Tell,” the page aims to provide teens a place they can look for phone numbers of adults who will give them a ride home, regardless of whether intoxicants were involved.

Here’s how the founders describe the site:

“We want everyone in our island community to be safe. We want teens in our community to know that whenever they find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation involving alcohol, drugs and driving – or potential date abuse – they can call any one of us – or text – anytime, and we pledge to come and get you and take you home. We won’t ask you why, and we won’t tell your parents. We just want you to be safe.”

More than 700 people had already hit the like button on the page and the list of phone numbers is quite lengthy. Stories about it have also appeared in the island’s Review and on KOMO.

I’m curious to know how people are feeling about such an effort. Do you think it could spread elsewhere?

2 thoughts on “Bainbridge parents take to Facebook to stop teen drunken driving

  1. fantastic, here we have some revolutionary thought. as a 22 year old just a few years ago this would of been ground breaking i can understand why its taking off like it is. Everyone for ever will ALWAYS do what they wanna do, it might be a teen drinking or an adult smoking a joint its going to happen there will always be a way and its now our job to use this an example and understand that we can’t stop it we need to make it safe. Excellent work up there on the Island hopefully it spreads like wild fire and prospers.
    5073 compliant.

  2. This sounds like a great idea on paper, but the reality is we are asking teenagers to pick the phone and call a stranger (unscreened at this point) to give them a ride home when they are in an incapacited state and not thinking logically to begin with. When my son went to driving school we had to sign a contract that he would not drive under the influence or get in the car with someone who was. The contract also stated that I would come get him if he was under the influence and not get mad at him that night. I believe Jackson was in the same class as my son….

    How do I as a parent know that the person who drives my child home is not under the influence them self, or a sex offender or ??? This needs some tight screening.

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