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Another unsolved homicide uncovered

August 12th, 2011 by josh farley

When we created a database of unsolved homicides covering the last half-century, we knew of the chance that we might miss a case. 

Looks like we’ve found one.

His name is Matthew Evans. He was just 20 years old when his body was found on a Saturday morning in August 1993 along Old Clifton Road.

Whether his death was an accident or homicide was subject to some controversy at the time. Apparently Evans had been chased from a party and may have been struck by a car on accident. But I called Kitsap County Coroner Greg Sandstrom, who told me his death is indeed classified as a homicide, and a local pathologist at the time reported it appeared his wound actually came from a being hit with a metal object.

Evans will be added to our unsolved homicide database, bringing the number of unsolved deaths in the past 51 years to 31.

And why did we create an unsolved homicide database? In short, for posterity.

Last year,  we poured over death investigation lists from the Kitsap County Coroner’s Office, the state and our local law enforcement agencies. When new cases came along or if one was uncovered, we decided we’d continually add and edit it.

After we wrote a story about the tragic May death — and still unsolved murder — of 19-year-old Sara Burke more than three months ago, we added Burke to our database.

Thanks to a reader, we’ll post another.

“Could the death of Matt Evans be added to your cold case list? Matt’s death in 1993 was suspicious and I do not believe was ever solved (not sure if it was ever officially considered a homicide),” a reader wrote to me in an email.

After some digging, it was pretty clear the case should be added.

It is with hope that one day, we’ll not only add or edit the list — but subtract from it too.

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One Response to “Another unsolved homicide uncovered”

  1. Rhonda Froode Says:

    Thank you for adding Matt’s death to the database and in bringing back to public attention. I had not known this was FINALLY acknowledged as a homicide. At the time of his death I could not get Kitsap Sheriffs office to even talk with me much less admitt it was a homicide. A quote from them I remember to this day. “this stuff happens, one day someone’s concience will get the better of him and they will turn themselves in” The Cornorers office was the only agency who tried to help. I am Matts mother, sorry, I should have said that earlier. I just found these articles on the web. Thank you again. Rhonda

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