Metal thieves swindling Kitsap, North Mason utilities

A spate of metal thefts from local utility districts — and really anyone else with a stockpile of copper — is once again plaguing the Kitsap Peninsula.

Crooks are hitting the same Puget Sound Energy substations multiple times in some instances. The trend doesn’t seem to be unique to Kitsap, however, as many communities around North America are grappling with it.

I’ll have a story in an upcoming edition of the Kitsap Sun detailing this recurring and damaging trend. In the meantime, check out a photo of this thief inside Mason County PUD No. 3’s Collins Lake substation.

UPDATE: Here’s the story I ended up writing.

If you’ve had an experienced getting ripped off of metal, I’d like to hear from you. Drop a note to

One thought on “Metal thieves swindling Kitsap, North Mason utilities

  1. While I haven’t had any metal literally stolen from me, I did feel ripped off by PSE when I had my garage connected. It was $650 for 0-250ft of cable. I did everything myself as far as digging, laying the PVC etc. for my 10ft I needed to go. All they did was connect the two ends. So where is my other 240ft of wire that I could have recycled myself?

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