Does Poll Provide Peek into Voters’ Views on Pot?

The Washington Poll, which fancies itself as non-partisan, academic survey, published a litany of results on political issues facing Washingtonians on Monday. One in particular caught my eye: 52 percent of their 1,252 voters surveyed said they were for “removing state civil and criminal penalties for possession or use of marijuana.”

Initiative 1068 would do just that, and its organizers have been busy getting signatures in Kitsap and beyond. Sensible Washington, the group behind it, says it wants to get 320,000 signatures by July to put it on the November ballot.

Passage of such an initiative — which has counterparts in Oregon and California — would be quite the policy change. But it would pit our state against the federal government, which expressly bans marijuana sale and use of any kind. I’m curious as to what that showdown would look like.

For now, we are left to wonder. But feel free to leave your own views here: what would happen if state law was to legalize pot, yet federal law still said no to it altogether?

4 thoughts on “Does Poll Provide Peek into Voters’ Views on Pot?

  1. Various states moving forward in the coming years to legalize marijuana will serve as a knock at the door for the federal government- delivering a message from the people to end the totalitarian mandate that makes marijuana illegal in 2010.

    Medical marijuana- Re: federal government policy- has served as civil disobedience put in place by 14 or so state governments.

    Industrial Hemp- where are all those politicians eager to “create jobs”?

    The US federal government has no business in marijuana prohibition.

    The federal government had no business in alcohol prohibition either- it took a constitutional amendment to make that happen- no such amendment to prohibit marijuana.

    If we went with the US Constitution- we could all grow a plant in the back yard.

    We brag about freedom while we maintain a culture of taboos- those taboos are backed up by the force of government.

    Peaceable, responsible, adult choices should be left to individuals to make.

  2. I will not vote in opposition to any federal law. Our federal laws SHOULD reflect ALL our United States.

  3. Federal agents discuss marijuana policy at a public forum in Port Townsend, WA:

    This discussion relates to a local medical marijuana patient (not operating a motor vehicle) found with a legal amount of medical marijuana at an internal, suspicionless checkpoint near the Hood Canal Bridge.

    “If you have nothing to hide”, you should have no objection to being stopped nowhere near an international border?- tell it to Stephen Dixon, of Brinnon, WA:

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